Ian Roven, Esq. is a Licensed Attorney with the State Bar of California and is the Founding Attorney at the Law Office of Ian Roven, practicing in Business, Real Estate and Virtual law. Conveniently located in Malibu, California, the Law Office of Ian Roven provides a prime location for clients to not have to fight through traffic (or other Angelinos) in order to resolve their legal issues.

Ian takes the collaborative approach to his law practice for three reasons:

  1. its saves his clients their hard-earned money;
  2. it allows for Ian to focus on his clients’ legal issues; and
  3. working in tandem is exponentially more efficient than working solo.

At a very young age, Ian developed an unshakable passion for connecting with other people.  Simultaneously, Ian developed love and respect for the legal system and real property.

Ian grew up in Southern California, and has since struggled with leaving paradise.  After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2011, Ian’s passion culminated in earning his California Real Estate Brokers License in 2012. For several years, Ian began to sell luxury homes in and around Malibu, California when he noticed that consulting with real estate lawyers about potential legal issues took too much time and money.

At the same time, Ian noticed he had a talent with strategy games and began competing in the global arena.  His game: World of Tanks.

Ian’s eSports career culminated in his team placing 7th in an international competition in Moscow, Russia. Although Ian has since left competitive video-gaming, he noticed several fellow video game athletes were not leveraging their talents to earn money.

Noticing that it is against the law to give legal advice, Ian decided the next logical step in his career would be to apply to law school to become a lawyer to help realtors and gamers.

Although few things are comparable to practicing law, while studying at California Western School of Law, Ian was placed on the Pro Bono Honors Society and was recognized for his achievements in tutoring other students.  Ian graduated in 2016, passed the California Bar Exam that same year, and remains an active, pro-bono lawyer for those in need and a tutor for law students.

Ian has appeared on “Politics and Profits with Rick Amato,” a local television show in San Diego, to discuss the rise of eSports and competitive video gaming, as well as drone racing and regulation.